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We have various kinds of containers ranging from high cube, open top, tunnel, open side, refrigerated, double door and customized containers.

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High Cube

High Cube shipping containers | storage containers are 9ft 6in tall on the exterior. They are 1ft taller than the standard height container. The container is comprised of 14-gauge corrugated steel panels throughout. It has lockable double doors on one end

Open Top

The open top container is ideal, when you have large cargo you need to be shipped. But seeing they’re special containers, and there aren’t that many of them circulating, they can be more expensive for you to get your hands on. They have a larger capacity than the normal standard containers. And that is exactly because they have an open roof

Double Door

They are kind of storage units that are provided with double doors, making a wider room for loading and unloading of materials. Construction materials include steel, iron etc in standardized sizes of 20ft and 40ft

Refrigerated Container

Refrigerated shipping containers can be literal lifesavers for users who need to store or move perishable, temperature-sensitive items/cargo. We delve deep to provide all the information you need about these cooled steel containers to make easy work of your purchase

Tunnel Container

Tunnel or double door containers are the ideal solution for when dual entry is required. They are only generally available in 20ft lengths as standard, however, we can often convert other standard sized containers to become tunnel containers


Open Side Container

Side opening shipping containers are pretty similar to regular general purpose shipping containers. They share the same features with regular containers with the only difference being that they open on the side too. The side doors can cover the entire length of the shipping container, or a smaller part, depending on the intended use.


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